Race, And Middle Americans In 'Blaxicans' By Richard Rodriguez

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Imagine the first phone ever made, now imagine the iphone seven. American started out unpretentious, but through the years America has become exceptionally pretentious. Individuals have come to America all throughout different time periods for various different reasons but the main motive is to build a better life. Such as William Bradford who came to America in 1620 and ultimately established his place as governor which lasted approximately thirty-one years. On the other hand Richard Rodriguez was born raised in America , but his parents were immigrants. Having being born in America Rodriguez grew up perceiving various different cultures and adversities having found a connection to them all. Although Bradford and Rodriguez were profoundly…show more content…
The sequence of the argumentative essay “Blaxicans” by Richard Rodriguez states, “ The conversation about race has always been a white and black conversation” (Rodriguez line 29 ). These conversation Rodriguez grew up hearing evoked curiosity and brought a great impact on him. No one cares about minorities is what an individual might perceive that conversation as. Hispanics, Asians, and Middle Easterners etc are considered some minorities because most if not all of these ethnic groups have at one point been a immigrant. When never mentioning individuals that gives off a persona of not caring. Immigrants need to feel cared for and important too because even though they are a minority they are still human they bleed the same blood. Also in the argumentative essay “Blaxicans” by Richard Rodriguez it states “ at my university we even had separated cafeteria tables ” ( Rodriguez line 73 ). Rodriguez grew up around much advertise. By stating this one can infer that the separation of America is a possible outcome of Rodriguez becoming a writer. Individuals have become so accustomed to being around other individuals that look like them or come from the same place. That when an individual is opposite of from the other they are payed no mind because they are out of their comfort zone. Rodriguez influenced America by connecting himself to other ethnic groups. By writing the argumentative essay “Blaxicans” Rodriguez united America as one. Meaning no one is inferrer individuals are all the same. In reality individuals don 't view themselves as equal even though individuals are all
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