Essay On Race And Race

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What do people typically think of when they hear the word race? Or how about the word racial? Modern society has formed its own definition of the word race. A race is a group of people who share physical characteristic; such as- skin color, and facial features, that are passed on through reproduction. Many view race as legitimate, and scientific but like stated before, race is really an arbitrary classification of modern humans,sometimes, especially formerly, based on any or a combination of various physical characteristics, as skin color, facial form, or eye shape, and now frequently based on such genetic markers as blood groups. What this means is that race is nothing but a social construct based on pseudoscience. Race is not biologically
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Many tie the word ethnicity to the pseudoscience definition of race. Even though ethnicity is linked with race, it has and is backed by a much different, more legitimate concept. Ethnicity is defined as a term that describes shared cultured- the practices (norms), values, and beliefs of a group. Here lays the difference; ethnicity identifies groups by different cultural aspects (norms, values, beliefs, symbols) whereas race is purely a superficial characteristic.
Most of any population today though don't understand race and its definition fully. The majority of the ignorance to the concept comes from lacking education. Many are taught and told their opinions, beliefs, and values. Typically people of modern society don't take the time and opportunity to think about some issues, research them, and form their own opinions for themselves. So the preconceived ideas and beliefs regarding race aren't necessarily the person's fault; that's just what they were
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The fact that people don't care to learn, understand, fix, or attempt to do anything to better their own cultures and homes; regardless if it racial issues or not. Yes, race tends to be a very hot-button topic and many people don't want to tackle it. But, we need to! We need to educate and understand issues. We need to talk about what's wrong and how to change it. After that, we need to implement the changes and embrace a better society. However, it is sickening when others use a topic like race as political capital or fuel. All that does is polarize people, create tension, and further conflicts. People, individuals, groups, and societies need to better understand there is race….The HUMAN race. Not the black race, not the white race, not the yellow race, not the red race (etc.). We are all people and all human. We ALL share the majority of our DNA with a banana! Think about that and that since that is true think about how similar we all are as people ….as humans. Once we as people and societies come to the realization that we are all together and not against, that we are all apart of the human race. Our societies will become better places and
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