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Doctor, nurses and patients should have all the same determination to, expect quality, from the time they meet one another. Moving targets, in this case, patients, can only receive quality, only if they are determined to provide it, from the time they meet the first medical staff, which may be the nurse, an x-ray technician or the surgeon.
Dr. Feigenbaum defined the meaning of quality as an, actual experience, which occur between businesses and consumers. There are expectations from which the patient, the nursing staff, the technicians, the doctor and surgeons are required to fulfill, by stated, or unstated conscious or merely sensed behavior.
Quality is hard to define when it comes to moving targets. However, moving targets always express, verbally, technically operational behavior, in the sense of what they expect from each department, within the medical facility. On the flip side, medical staff has that same right to expect quality behavior from the patients. Sadly enough, patients do not fulfill their end of the bargain when it comes to ensuring they are physically and mentally available to accomplish what is going to be expected of them, when they are expecting, in this case, surgery.
Nurses and secretaries expect quality by the patients showing up on time, for each and every appointment. Doctors expect quality by the patient and nurses to have all the paperwork in the hands of, whomever, and it’s supposed to be in, on time. Patients expect quality service from the moment they make the call to the doctor’s office, stating the current medical problem they are experiencing. Since consumers are thought of as, ever moving targets, expectations and services, quality and actual experience will change over the course of time, ...

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...level possible.

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