Qlt1 Task 2

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If I was to become the CEO of a large health care organization, I would investigate and analyze all the information to determine what needs to be improved within the organization in order to make the best decision for the company. There are three major elements of quality: structure, process, and outcome”(Burns, Bradley, & Weiner, 2011, pg 251). One way to improve the quality of care in my organization is to be passionate and excited about the engagement of consumers. The patients need to be able to have access to the right information to educate themselves about their health care decisions. If they are active working with the physicians it can reduce emergency hospital visits and improve treatment and quality of life that is associated with different chronic diseases (Aulbach, 2015). As for my staff, I would ensure that they have all the equipment as well as the …show more content…

The next element would be process. Process goal is to determine how the health care is administered, delivered, and managed. They way an organization care for their patients is very important. I would make sure that every patient is comfortable and that each patient gets adequate time within their appointment time. I would not have my staff to rush through anything just to see another patient and meet their next appointment time. At the same time, if they have another patient waiting, they need to go to that patient and to tell them it might be a few minutes later before you reach them. My staff will not just have a patient waiting and they do not know what is going on. The third element to improve the quality of health care is manage the outcome of the patient’s care. If the staff is doing their best and building a relationship with the patients, the patients will trust the staff judgement and will work with the physicians in order to improve their health. Everyone has to work together as a team to improve the quality of the patient as well as the

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