Qualitative And Quantitative Study

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Research Problem Determining the approaches used to protect the information systems of Business Organizations
Qualitative and Quantitative research
A qualitative study is an exploratory research that is used by a researcher to determine various research attributes like determining reasons, intangible impacts, and opinions on a given research problem(Bamberger, 2000). On the other hand, a quantitative study is a research path used by the researcher in identifying and determining the quantitative aspects of a given research study.
Intent of the study paths
While conducting a qualitative study on information systems of business organizations, the researcher’s main intention is to get the theoretical reasons and causes for a given observed phenomenon(Belk,
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However, the main intent of the quantitative study is to enable the researcher to establish possible relationships between two variables within a given research study. When conducting a quantitative research on the possible approaches to adopt in the protection of information systems, the researcher can identify and observable variables and compare them to establish their relationships(Bray, 2007). For instance, the researcher can try to create the link between the literate level on information systems and the number of cases information security reported within a given organization. The researcher may also use quantitative research to compare the uses of information systems in various organizations and determine the vulnerability of each use to the information security…show more content…
Comparative questions are usually aimed at determining significance differences between two variables in a research study. For instance, a comparative question in the research problem may be; what is the difference between business information systems and social information systems? Descriptive research questions are usually asked to give an answer that is numerical or quantifiable. An example of a descriptive question may be “how many times is the information systems serviced per year? In relationship research questions, the possible relationships between variables are addressed e.g. what is the relationship between education level and security of information systems? However, there is a similarity between the qualitative and quantitative research questions asked as they both attempt to address the problem statement as well as determining direct answers for the research
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