Pros And Cons Of Performance Appraisal

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Following your request, I have reviewed our current performance appraisal system, and I would like to share the results. Three main points that I would like to highlight concerning our performance appraisal system are the pros and cons of the system, several recommendations to improve the system, and a thought of making it less subjective. Performance appraisal in most organizations is perceived as a critical human resource management function. It is believed that a well-designed and implemented performance appraisal system can offer the employee, the supervisor, and the organization several benefits, such as providing supervisors a useful communication instrument for the employee goal setting and performance planning, increasing employee…show more content…
In addition, participant acceptance of the performance appraisal system is perceived to be a crucial element in appraisal effectiveness. Supervisors and subordinates must also have a joint view on the performance appraisal purpose and believe that it is beneficial to them on the individual basis. Pros of our current performance appraisal system Performance appraisal system serves as a tool to assess employees’ performance and helps to plan and measure the organization’s goals accomplishment. Luthy (1998) suggested that “individual contributions must be based on clear direction, personal planning, individual and team assignments, and well-articulated knowledge, skills, and personal attributes”, to give employees expectations to meet and information that establish the organization performance standard. Performance appraisals give management the important information for making strategic decisions about employee advancement, retention, and separation. It also connects training and development with career planning and long-term human resources needs of the organization’s (Pynes, 2004). Fortunately, our performance appraisal system has been considered and applied these factors. Cons of our current performance appraisal…show more content…
Hence, the employees may not be aware of the performance standards employed to evaluate them (Condrey, 2005). Supervisors are expected to assess employees and give feedback without first getting training, which make them ill-prepare to coach and advise their subordinates (Pynes, 2004). Since our supervisors have not provided with a relevant training regarding performance appraisal and giving feedback, they do not have enough knowledge, skill, and ability to coach and advise their subordinates, which is consistent with Pynes’ concern. When performance appraisal is employed in the context of strategic human resources management (SHRM), it should provide feedback to employees, facilitate individual decisions, give information crucial for planning and research (Pynes, 2004). Feedback is crucial for the performance improvement (Condrey, 2005). Our performance appraisal feedback has not yet been monitored and reported regularly to ensure that improvement suggestions have been done. In addition, supervisors have not yet done a regular feedback about employees’ performance, to give them an opportunity to take immediate correctional
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