An Examination of Leadership Evaluation in a Correctional Facility

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An organization cannot function successfully if the leadership is flawed. Therefore, it is wise that organization choose leaders that will be beneficial to their operation. With that said, leaders need to be evaluated consistently when they are in charge of an operation. In this assignment this author will investigate how leadership is officially assessed in a correctional organization. The leadership positions that will be the subject of this assignment will a correctional facility warden.

Prison Warden

A prison warden governs and supervises the activities of correctional facility staff. They also safeguard the security in the facility, as well as the inmates. With warden been the administrator, they are responsible for development and implementation of prison policies, budgets, and prison programs. They also overseers existing activities success and strive for ways to improve them. Prison warden duties also include making decision about hiring process, training, promotion, punishment, evaluation and termination of staff. A prison warden also delegate responsibilities to leaders under their charge and overseer activities for compliance with prison and state regulations. The prison warden also oversees the support staff associated with prison programs in education, work, mental health and the infirmary. Furthermore, Wardens implement administrative operates in a prison, such reviewing budget expenditures to ensure that they are achieving its purpose.

In order to become a prison warden the applicant will need to vary but normally they will need a bachelor’s degree in fields ranging from social work, administration of justice, and business. The position of a warden entails having a comprehensive erudition of the administra...

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