The Importance Of Job Evaluation

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The foundation for effective job performance and compensation system can be traced to effective job analysis process. Fundamentally, a job analysis should consist of a thorough examination of the job 's duties and knowledge, skills, abilities, and qualities that are required in order to be successful in a specific position, upon which appropriate rewards or compensation can be determined. For many perspectives, jobs are usually made up of requirements and rewards, where rewards may be regarded as a major recruitment strategy for motivating potential employees in order to influence them to stay the organization for a longer period as well as enhance their performance. The most common or basic form of rewards which attracts employees is extrinsic…show more content…
According to Chaneta (2014), job evaluation is the process of analyzing and assessing the relative worth of various jobs in an organization for the purpose of comparison and pay grading, and based on qualifications and skills required for a range of jobs. In other words, it forms the basis for pay and benefits negotiation. It helps to compensate employees accurately based on their job grades or values, and hence avoid issues of inequity and indifference at the workplace. To ensure effective job evaluation process, market-driven and job worth systems are largely used. While market-driven system is determined by the existing pay grade or structure in the opened market based on workforce demand and availability for particular positions, job-worth system depends on the value of the job or position to the organization. Both systems can be influenced by the external labor market and there become difficult for managers to apply as they would be torn between fulfilling internal and external demands. Another significant resemblance between market-driven and job worth systems is that they both require the same qualifications and other characteristics from the job performer as the basis for occupying a specific position. For instance, before HR practitioners decide on which system to use to determine Quality Specialist 's pay, they must make sure the potential worker has the job requirements and competencies to execute the job. One of the criteria for rewarding an employee is his or her ability to complete tasks in a proficient, productive, and effective way (Kaifi, Khanfar, Nafei, & Kaifi,
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