Pros And Cons Of Being Tried As Adults

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The controversy of juveniles being tried as adults has plagued the U.S. for years now. If kids do not have the same rights as adults do and aren’t allowed to vote, drink alcohol, smoke, or drive until a certain age, is it acceptable for them to receive the same punishments as adults? It is questions like these that have caused endless debates to erupt in courtrooms. Locking minors in prisons may get them off the streets and reduce overall criminal activity, but there are issues of morality affecting people’s judgments. When people consider teens’ underdeveloped brains and emotionality, the pros and cons of being sentenced as adults, and the process of being tried, perspectives tend to change toward juvenile defendants. This practice of trying minors as adults is one Americans need to face and resolve in…show more content…
It is vital for them to form a bond against other hazardous prisoners and staff (“Rape of Teens in Adult Centers”). These kids have to be wary and constantly on guard. Tips and strategies on how to defend themselves are crucial for their survival. Former inmates that were interviewed gave important guidelines to follow. Their stories and precautions show just how dangerous prison life is. For example, one person discussed how to never take a present another convict offers them, because that might lead to unwanted advances. A teen can face many long-term consequences in prison. Studies have proven the brain of a minor doesn’t comprehend time in jail like the brain of an adult (“Pros and Cons of Juveniles Being Tried As Adults”). Adults will probably occupy their jail time processing the crime they committed, which causes them to feel guilt and want to repent. However, an adolescent doesn’t think the same way as an adult and will try to block out their crime. Being a teen in prison affects them mentally, as it can cause psychological problems and a greater risk for
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