Proposal for a Sales Promotion Campaign

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Proposal for a Sales Promotion Campaign For this coursework, I will produce a proposal for a sales promotion campaign for a product or a range of products of a business that I will choose. The proposal will include * Background to the product and market situation as well as an explanation of the sales promotion strategy that I will decide that is most appropriate to promote my product. * Objectives for the promotion. * An explanation of the type pf promotion that I will choose for the product. * An explanation of other types of promotion that I could use. * Finally, examples of different communication materials that you could use to publicise and explain the sales promotion effectively. Background By using different types of sales promotions and communicating methods, I feel that this product would be appropriate to carry out my sales promotion case study on because it is an existing product which is doing really well within the market and I believe it has the potential to do even better in the existing market. Product life cycle ================== This is an important concept for the marketing of a product or service in any company. It is part of the strategic planning process for the product or service that is being offered. In this case, using a food item, the lifecycle will tend to be longer than for a new technological item. Like any product in the market or anything in the world, ‘Nothing lasts forever’. In the long term, Walkers Doritos will decline and exit the market. There are five main phases that a product goes through. They are: · Development: each new product idea has to be researched, designed and tested, this may take a few weeks to months. All of this requires funding, so it is important to calculate the extent of such costs when

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