Marketing Campaign for a Small Business

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Marketing Campaign for a Small Business

In this project I am going to produce a marketing campaign for a small

retail business. The business, which I am going to "make", will have

competitors in the local area. Before I am going to open my business,

I will have to decide on a few main things.

E.g. which products I am going to sell, the prices at which the

products are going to be sold, where my business is going to be

located and how I am going to promote my shop and the products.

For my marketing Campaign Plan, I am going to develop a small

supermarket, which will be called Shoprite.

I want to keep the supermarket as small as possible and the products

at the best standard. The supermarket will sell essential household

products and I also

Would like to stock a selection of sweets/crisps newspapers and

magazines, ice creams, fruit and vegetables, cards, yoghurt,

cigarettes etc.

Shoprite will not be located in central Seaford but on the outskirts

of town, mainly in residential areas. The reason for this is that it

will save people from driving into town for their necessities.

Shoprite's competitors will be:

1. Costcutters

2. CO-OP

3. Scoop 'n weigh

4. Green Grocers

Before I decide on the products, which my supermarket will be selling

etc. I am first going to draw up a research plan as; it is going to

help me with the information that I will need.

The data that I will collect, I am going to gather by handing out

questionnaires to people aged 10 years and older. The questionnaire

will ask questions like;

What is your age, sex, what product do you mostly buy, how much do you

pay for i...

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... Billboard)

£5000 per board per season

Taxi (Interior Panel)

£17 per month

Balloon releases

From £850 per 1,000


1. Introduction to project

2. Mind map

3. Overall Research Plan

4. Business Objectives

5. External Environment

6. SWOT Analysis

7. Marketing Campaign Objectives

8. Marketing Research (theory)

9. Research Plan

10. Questionnaire

11. Questionnaire Analysis

12. Product

13. Collage of product ideas

14. Floor Plan

15. Price

16. Table of Competitors Prices

17. Place

18. Map

19. Promotion

20. Promotional Campaign Planner

21. Advertisement/Leaflet

22. Marketing Constraints

23. Conclusion

24. Evaluation

25. Sources of Knowledge
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