Progressive Discipline Case Study

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Lesson #12 1. Quentin works under me, in my department, and he has been exhibiting decreased productivity, increased absenteeism, and a negative attitude towards work over the past couple months. To address this issue with Quentin, I will be implementing a four step Progressive Disciplinary Plan. Michael Drafke explains Progressive Discipline as "Many managers employ a form of progressive discipline, an approach that follows the philosophy that the severity of disciplinary measures requiring some degree of punishment should increase each time an employee must be disciplined." (Drafke, Pg 323) Progressive discipline serves two functions, first it provides the employee a series of road markers, telling the employee their actions,
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During this meeting I will re-iterate the problem, and the companies position. I will again mention the employee wellness program, and ask if there are issues he would like to discuss. I will also tell Quentin that the company values him, and wants to see him successful, yet this situation can not continue. At the conclusion of the meeting, I will have him sign a document covering all the points discussed, and tell him at what date and time he can return to work. The final step in the progressive disciplinary is termination of employment from the company. If there has been no improvement, the company will cease the person 's employent. This action will be taken after discussions with upper management, payroll and human…show more content…
In discussing the effects of stress and frustration, Michael Drafke explains "There are three categories of behavioral reactions to distress: substance abuse, active behaviors and passive behaviors." (Drafke, Pg497) Quentin 's problems at work, and the stress and frustrations they are producing, are manifesting in Behavioral Reactions, specifically, alcohol abuse and an active behavioral reaction by trying to escape work through increased absenteeism. Quentin is using alcohol every weekend to mask and hide from his problems, and through active behavioral reaction, he is excessively absent from work on Mondays trying to escape his problems. To combat this stress, Quentin needs to find and pursue Stress Management
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