Profession's Role In The Army

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The Profession of Arms:
The Role of the Human Resources Sergeant

All soldiers in the United States Army have quoted the Soldiers Creed. We have all said, “I am an expert and I am a professional.” Have you ever thought about what those words mean? In order to address the importance of the Human Resource Sergeant’s role we need to know what it means to be a profession, balancing role of the profession’s leaders, and understand the Army’s professional culture. A profession is not just a job. Professionals do not just clock in and out of work, they are experts with years of training, knowledge, and experience. A profession has to earn loyalty and trust. The military demonstrates that trust to America. As soldiers, we are always striving to better ourselves through constant training. We go to basic training, AIT, and do correspondence courses and SSD, etc. We are trained to defend the constitutional rights, serve and protect our country, and fight. As a HR Sergeant, we have to constantly train and stay up to date on every …show more content…

We lack being able to Charlie Mike, continue mission, if we are off balance. The role of leaders and leadership plays a critical part in the balancing role. If we do not have leaders and guidance we could fall short. If we fall short, we lose trust in the American people and our comrades. The Army’s culture and climate also play an important role in balance. Junior leaders learn from sergeant majors and general officers. If we do not have balance and structure from our leaders we lose confidence and motivation. Human Resource sergeants are trusted to get accountability, maintain soldier records, and help with soldier development. When we do our jobs right everything runs smoothly, therefore, we look better in the overall picture. Our military culture and climate build us and make us that small but important percent of Americans who fight for

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