What Does It Mean To Be A Professional Soldier

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526 words

What it means to be a professional soldier The first things you think about when you hear about a soldier is that we are clean brave dependable have a lot of respect and disciplined but that is only a look at the cover of the book they are fathers mothers sisters brothers and friends we are the ones that want to make sure that our land is safe for our brothers in arms and everyone at home that we love being a soldier is more than just a name to most to the professional it's a way of life from there house being the standard of living to their attitude being spot on so that people want to learn and be just like them not only are we an example to the world but also the person who thinks about joining the ranks of the United States Army because

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that being a professional soldier isn't just about being clean, dependable, and disciplined, it's also about setting the example for the next generation of soldiers.
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