Produnt Placement and Marketing

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Product placement
Product placement is one of the most important techniques in marketing especially in the past few years, where the media has played an essential role in forming people's opinion. As many people believe in all what they see because of the significant role of the media, product placement reaches its goals. However, the effectiveness of product placement varies according to numerous criteria, from how it is integrated to how it is used to show the product and whether it is intrusive or not. In the study article " The Effectiveness of Product Placement: The Influence of Product Placement towards Consumer Behavior of the Millennial Generation " by Liew Chee and Elizabeth Lim, the issue of product placement and its influence on a specific category of consumer is discussed. The study aims mainly to form a general idea about how effective the product placement could be to influence the millennial generation and sway their decisions. Liew and Lim made a valuable and professional study article that involves an interesting perspective regarding product placement through a good arrangement of ideas and a methodological study.
The study mainly elaborates on the idea of how people's demeanors are affected by their intentions, that affects in its term their perceptions through five main hypotheses with the theory of reasoned action expect people's behaviors. Liew and Lim have also
Azouz page 2 distinguished between the personal preferences and the social influences in the process of forming the intentions. The experiment is based on the SPSS technology and surveys to identify the different responses of this millennial age. To conclude the study attempts to give several pieces of advice to professionals in the product ...

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... I did not agree with, however the whole study gives a very precise idea about the criteria that evaluates the effectiveness of product placement.

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