Process Enpcompassing Goals, Values, and Efficiency that Leads to Successful Business

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In a professional environment to have an established process that encompasses goals, values, and efficiency. A business outlines concrete procedures on how their employees should act and complete tasks. The organization of these procedures creates the Process that resonates throughout all employees and operations. It involves key elements that are unique but are universal to successful businesses.

Customer Service involves many facets and is incorporated in all areas of business. If you’re a profitable business, such as Infosys BPO Limited, you understand the value of excellent customer service in all functions of society. Our company believes that customer service is not a department or separate entity, but “a way of life”. It must permeate every aspect, function, and every person in the company. We also focus on delivering a great experience internally, we cannot deliver externally. The components of customer service are outlined and repeated throughout our tenure. Listed below are some of the components that every employee needs to have in some capacity.

Effective Listening and Communication

Problem Solving and Analytical Abilities

Influencing, Team Building,



Creative ability


Interpersonal skills, or people skills, also include proficiencies such as conflict resolution, negotiation skills, and strategic thinking. Infosys BPO offers structured training in customer service to improve processes globally in all areas of business.

Telephony is a field of technology that utilizes telecommunications equipment to move sound from two different locations. As the name suggests, this is the field that produced the telephone but has also evolved into a digital format. Digital teleph...

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...n the client and the company of the expectations of the client and the acknowledgement of those guidelines from the company.

The process of creating the contract involves negotiations between the two parties. The client states their wishes and the BPO considers them but may suggest changes to the initial request. The MSA differs from the SLA in that an MSA is the actual signed contract with the agreed upon terms. An SLA is used to determine the performance of the BPO company and how well they are following the agreed upon terms and conditions of the MSA.

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After clearly defining these aspects, industries that require telephony will be ready to meet the challenge of a global market. “The process is pertinent just as much as improving a process.”

Quote by: James Cushinery and Carmen Harris

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