Problems With Autism, The Problem Of Communication And Communication

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Autism is a problem that people have with communicating. It can affect many contrasting types of people in divergent ways and there is not yet a complete cure for it. People need to know about this disability and what people can do with people who have it.

Autism is a disability that affects the brain to alter and impede social interactions and communications. Instead of just one precise type, there is a whole spectrum that encompasses autism. There are three primary types of autism, low functioning, functioning, and high functioning.

Autism is a developmental disorder which affects many small aspects of the person's life and can sometimes affect major parts. Autism affects 1 in 68 children and for most it’s a lifelong
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Statistics show that boys are affected 5 times more than girls. According to data, 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with autism. To be more specific, 1 in 42 boys is affected and 1 in 189 girls is affected. There is a higher chance of boys getting autism than girls.

Joshua Williams Speech
Problems with speech and language are one of the defining characteristics of the Autism Disorders. The difficulties that autistics have with speech and language are heterogenous and probably have a number of different causes even in the same individuals. The expressions of normal human speech requires the intent to communicate something. It requires the other individual understands a situation and how they are going to react to what is being communicated.

People with autism can have problems understanding speech and language. Because of their defects they don’t feel the need to communicate and may very well not have any understanding of how other people might respond to a communicated message. Messages may also have an emotional component. Comprehension of speech and language is normally done through sound. This requires paying close attention to the sound(s) then being able to transfer them in terms of words then being able to understand the words intended meanings.

Sensory Problems
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Although some people aren’t aware of this fact this is because Autism is not shown publically as much as other disability. Take cancer for example everyone knows about the National cancer society to some extent,but autism not so much. Just as some people may not know that April 2nd is national autism day. The best thing people do is educating yourself on the disability and showing love and public awareness for autism.

In conclusion Autism is a disability with many different levels .Autism affects different people in different from high functioning to low functioning. All Autistic people just want to be treated as true real people. There is no cure or treatment for autism but the best cure is the cure of love. Showing them that they are equal real people and treating them as such. Having autism just means you learn different or develop slower but it doesn’t make you unequal. Coming from this Article you should learn to love and learn more about autism and that is the best cure that anyone can
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