Autism - The inside story

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Autism - The inside story According to the article "Autism" the author stated that, " Early studies suggested that five children out of 10,000 had Autism Spectrum Disorder." Also, in the same article the author states that, " People with Autism have problems with communication and social interaction." I believe that people should be much more understanding and tolerant of people with Autism. Those people have disadvantages , such as : difficulty with language , which they make up with advantages , such as : putting clues together , and having the unique interest and talents , as my amazing brother Ted. Some people don't wan't to be the friends with the autistic people , because of their difficulty with language. According to the article "Autism" from the "New Book Of Knowledge " the author states that , "Difficulties with language include delays speaking in sentences and confusion of pronouns , such as : "me" and "I". Children with Autism may make their own words over and over again. " Another quote is from the article "Autism" where author states that , "People with Autism share problems with language and social skills, but it is important to remember, that every person with Autism is unique. " This quote means that Ted, and other autistic people have difficulty communicating with other people. My brother proved it , when he had a hard time communicating with others through the phone. Another problem is that he had an annoying phrase "Hrmm" , which he told to members of our family when he got confused , angry , or disappointed. Yet another idea from the article "Autism" is that, "Children with Autism have symptoms that can be grouped into categories , such as : problems with language and communication." This shows me that my b... ... middle of paper ... ...ortant information what we earned , and put them into one, logical explanation. This shows me that, my lovely brother is an very intellectual , and very smart person. The most important part is that, he proved that ASD does not have to control your life in the negative way. With my whole heart , I believe that people should be much more understanding, and tolerant to people with the syndrome called Autism. I can relate to that, because my brother has the syndrome of ASD. He proved to me thousands of times , that Autism does not have to control your life in a bad way. The last , and most important thing I want to say is that everybody should be much more understanding to people with Autism. We have to remember , that they've already can have a hard life, and our job is to help them. They are people as we are , and they deserve to have friends, and fun in their lives.

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