Prisoner of War

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You wake, lying in mud, chained to a wall like a dog on a lead. You look around but nothing's in focus, just blurred figures lying down or sitting, some crying. You're cold, a winter breeze flows through the room through bars in the wall. Smells; you recognise them, blood, urine and vomit, stagnant, lingering. You feel sick, but have nothing in you to throw up. A shape appears at the door, and then disappears but only for a second. It returns, you feel nervous, what is it? Who is it? It opens the door with a key and you look away. It walks towards you, you turn your head slightly to see a pair of legs, and you look up to see a tall masculine figure standing over you. He picks you up but you resist, he kicks you, you feel scared. Another man comes in and holds you while the first man unchains you from the wall. They speak but you do not recognise the language. They push you towards the door and gesture to move, you do, out into a courtyard with buildings all around. You're weak and fall to the floor. One of the guards picks you up and drags you to the building in front of you. It's a washroom; the guards unchain you and give you a bar of soap. You go to one of the showers and take off your clothes. And throw them on the floor. There is a button on the wall in front of you, you press it and a gush of cold water comes pouring out of the shower, you jump back by the shock of how cold it is, then step back in, slowly. After five minutes the guards come back in, you turn around and stop the shower, they throw you a towel, actually a rag, but close enough. You dry off and they give a clean shirt and trousers, both in royal blue. You thi... ... middle of paper ... ...e enters and drags you out into the courtyard to the middle where a cross stands with a rope hanging down. They tie you up and wrap a rope round your neck. You struggle but its no use. They then hammer nails into your wrists and ankles to fasten you properly. You cry out in immense pain as the blood drips down off your hands and feet. Two days later the guards come over and check on you. You're barely alive. They pull you off the cross and carry you over to a pole with a rope hanging from the top. They stand you on a chair and fasten the rope round your neck. The guard yells out to all the people in the cells on either side of you. You start to cry as the guard finishes tying up the rope. There is silence and snap it's over. Dead in an instant. Your neck snaps in two. They cut you down and that's it. You're gone.
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