Power Dispatcher

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“Miller and Malinowski” states that a Power Dispatcher major accountability is to operate the power system in an effective manner (151). “O*net Online” claims that a job as a Power Dispatcher involves the monitoring and operating of field and station equipment on a distribution and transmission level of the power grid. Therefore, the profile of a Power Dispatcher is mainly technical and psychological. According to “the Encyclopedia Careers and Guidance,” practical experience in a field position and a College degree are essential to qualify as a Load Dispatcher (791). Although I have over ten years of experience as a field mechanic, I am currently pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Transmission Power Technology at Bismarck State College. Farr and Shatkin admit that one’s personality dictates their success of a career (17). “O*net Online confirms that the personality profile of a Power Dispatcher include des, Realistic, Investigative Conventional and Enterprising types. My personalities include, having a natural ability to solve problem and an advocate for following directions and orders, these qualities matches the personality traits of a Power Dispatcher. In addition to the technical and psychological aspect of this job, there are advantages and disadvantage involve in this career path. Despite the disadvantages, the career of a Power Dispatcher suits my personality, lifestyle and career goals. According to “the Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance,” to ensure reliability of service to customers a Power Dispatcher must perform shift work. However, shift work is one of the most negative aspects of a Power Dispatcher’s career. Medical scholar Fritz points out that the work performed during the night shift was blamed for two major nuclear incidents, the Three Mile Island nuclear accident that occurred in March of 1979 in the state of Pennsylvania and Chernobyl (Russia) accident which occurred in 1986 (59). Therefore one of the personal responsibilities of a Power Dispatcher is to balance work schedule with off duty priorities to avoid sleep deprivation. However, for a Power Dispatcher with a family, juggling the work schedule and private life is a difficult task. Fritz confirms that shift workers are more likely than traditional workers to have family issues (72). Therefore, being a bachelor, I am better prepared for shift work. For example, I am not affected by the noise of children or nagging of the better half. Another disadvantage of being a Power Dispatcher is this career is highly scrutinized due to the working environment; operators subjected to background checks at least every seven years and the accuracy of all communication.
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