Positive and Negative Impact of Immigration in Buenos Aires.

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1. Buenos Aires. Population and citizens of Buenos Aires.
Buenos Aires - capital city of Argentina and second –largest metropolitan in South America. Population in Buenos Aires about 3 millions. (Forstall, Greene, and Pick ) The bulk of the population are Spaniards and Italians. About 30% - and Métis representatives of other nationalities , among which are the communities of Jews, English, Armenian , Japanese, Chinese , Arabs and Koreans . Also there are migrants from neighboring countries, primarily from Bolivia and Paraguay. ( Hidalgo, Bengochea, Abilleira, Cabrera and Alvarez) The indigenous people of Buenos Aires have a half-humorous nickname - Porteno . Population of the capital and its suburbs is growing rapidly, including through immigration and guest workers from Bolivia , Paraguay , Peru and other neighboring countries. The city is very multicultural, but the main separation occurs along class communities and not on racial lines , as in the U.S.

Evidences on the impact of immigration on the labor market
As a result,immigrants play an important role in the labor market : they are "marginal "workers , the location decision wage differences through arbitration regions.Empirical evidence that immigrants improve labor Market efficiency by providing additional and complementary workforce . Generally speaking, immigration is not harmful to the host labor market or the economy. most studies on the impact of immigration on the labor market was concerned .The effect of immigration on wages and not in labor force participation or unemployment .
Borjas (2003) noted that the impact of wages varies from study learn, but " cluster around zero " which contradicts with Theoretical prediction of the downward pressure . whet...

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