Should The Republicans Be Illegal Immigrants?

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782 words

The battle between the Democrats and the Republicans is a battle that has gone on ever since the 1900s. The only way that a political party can take over the house is if they are able to address the issues that relevant to the people. Now that elections are around the corner, many candidates are bringing up issues that have been affecting America for a while and how they are going to change it for the better. The issue of immigration has been brought up by both the Democrats and the Republicans, but both don’t seem to come to an agreement on the issue. The Republicans believe that illegal immigrants should not be given the same benefits as a legal citizen, but America should welcome those that come in legally. On the other hand, Democrats believe that the American people should welcome immigrants and find a way to incorporate them into society. As stated previously, the issue of immigration is a very pressing matter to the American society. Because of this reason, it has …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that the battle between the democrats and the republicans is a battle that has gone on since the 1900s.
  • Explains that immigration is a pressing issue in american society. the current policy for immigrants can be broken down into four categories: family based, employment, refugees, and the diversity visa program.
  • Explains that immigrants support the economy by paying taxes, creating small businesses, and are hard-working people who strive for the american dream.
  • Explains that immigrants help society, but there are still those who feel immigrants take jobs away from american people and that they are too needy.
  • Concludes that immigration is a pressing issue in america. immigrants can help society, and the political party that is willing to change is the democrats.

The evidence shows that in the long run, immigrants do not reduce native employment rates. But some evidence suggests that in the short run, immigration may slightly reduce native employment because the economy takes the time to adjust to new immigration. Importantly, this effect varies according to the broader economic environment. In particular, when the economy is growing and the labor market is adding jobs, new immigration creates enough jobs even in the short run (and even for the less-educated) to cause no harm to the net employment of native-born workers. But during economic downturns, things do not adjust as quickly. When the economy is weak, new immigration has a small negative impact in the short run on the employment of native-born workers.

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