Positive Learning Environment Enhance Student Achievement Essay

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Melinda Swafford, Sue Bailey, & Kayleigh Beasley (2014). Positive Learning Environments Enhance Student Achievement. Techniques: Connecting Education and Careers, 32-35. The authors of this article discuss the components of the learning environment and recognize the impact it has on student achievement. Six components are correlated with the teacher evaluation model listed in the article. These six components are security, shelter, social contact, symbolic identification, task instrumentality, and pleasure. These components are necessary in order to have a positive learning environment and if a classroom possesses these, the students will gain the skills they need for careers in life. Students need to feel safe with the atmosphere free from bullying while developing social skills and…show more content…
The question is asked, what can we do to make them (students) feel OK? Educators must strive to build bonds of respect with the students. Teachers provide the basis for motivation with the environment inside the classroom. We must pull students into challenges and lead them to success regardless of the obstacles. The activities provided in the classroom must capture the imagination of the students in order to stay focused. The activities must be challenged the perfect way in order to stretch the minds of the students. When mistakes are made, we must become a coach to provide the reinforcement they need. The coach in us provides demonstration of knowledge and we train ourselves to think about new skills we have obtained. As educators we must always push students to succeed academically. These conditions the author discusses allow schools to become more intentional about student motivation. Tim McDonald (2010). Positive Learning Framework: Creating Learning Environments in Which All Children Thrive. Retrieved from http://www.reclaimingjournal.com. Vol. 19 Issue 2,

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