Positive Change Culture And Change

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Organizations that have a cultural that is working within the organization can build off of that positive energy. The cultural of an organization is built from the employees (including managers) and as more of the employees start to feel the same way the culture begins. This is also true in terms of a negative culture. If the employees are not in sync with the managers, other employees and the overall mission of the organization that can mean a slowdown in production. A powerful concept noted by Eide and Allen (2012) is that to have a positive reform leadership involvement is required and without it, change will be difficult.
I have seen a few outcomes on how ethics and values determine the culture. Prior to joining the Marines, I worked at a place that drugs were a major issue at work. The organization did not do much and the cultural was on a steady decline due to the number of people quitting, fired and nowhere else to go. Generally a very negative atmosphere. The culture was a reflection of the employees. My values were not in line with a majority of the employees and I left for Active Duty.
While in the Marines, I have seen ethical issues that both were good and bad. One situation was a senior member
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Those in charge have a great deal of influence on employees. The transformation leadership style and employee engagement can change the culture. The managers that show a positive and understanding attitude is just one way to help make the change. According to Hossein and Javadi (2013) certain parts of employee engagement can be ways of appreciation. A transformation leadership style helps gain motivation and satisfaction by gaining the trust of the employee and providing stepping stones to achievements. Taking the time to train, coach, mentor, and talk, in general, has a long term effect that junior employees can adopt and use when they are in leadership

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