Positive And Negative Effects On Social Media Essay

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Social media is a new trend that has turned into an essential need in someone’s life. It’s made for usage of social interaction with others. Social media creates a place for chat rooms, blogging, video sites, and etc. In 2004, the popular social networking site Facebook had almost 1 million users; than in 2011 it has increased to 700 million users worldwide. People use social media as a way to communicate opinions, ideas, and information. Throughout the years, the usage of social media has been positive and negative. Cyberbullying on social media has an negative impact becoming a psychological problem. Cyberbullying, for example is serious issue in a teens life’s in the form of threats, harassment, and embarrassments by using social networks (Facebook, Myspace, etc.). A data collected in 2011, suicide was the second cause of death to young people. A youth person from ages 15-24 made up 16.3% of suicides due to cyberbullying. Even though there is no source identifier that cyberbullying can be a predictor to suicide in teenagers, it can increase the opportunity of suicides by emotionally hurting someone’s preexisting emotions, psychological, or other stressors. The growth of social media is influencing pro-suicide behavior because the internet has no barriers between people’s opinions, ideas, or communication. The…show more content…
For example, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Facebook page has thousands of fans. This page provides links to warning signs of suicides, hotlines, and information to help oneself. These types of positive social media sites allow users to interact with others who suffer through the same situations making them feel safe. It can increase a better chance of lowering their thoughts of suicides because one understands them in a personal level. These people will help support each other to get through the rough patches of social media
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