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Pollution is a serious problem that our world is experiencing today. I used rhetorical techniques to keep the readers engaged and keep them informed of what today’s world problems are when addressing pollution. I used logos, ethos and pathos which are the main elements of rhetorical techniques. Logos are used in various instances in quoting the impact of pollution to the environment globally as provided by previous researchers. Pathos is also used in the paper with the purpose of their application aimed at creating an emotional appeal to persuade the audience. For example, the paper notes dangers associated with second-hand smoking for non-smokers and the dangers pollution presents to the future generation. Ethos is used throughout the paper…show more content…
Pollutants generally comprise of waste materials in various forms. Pollution takes various forms with impacts evidenced on air, water and soil (Huesemann 271). Technology have contributed to the rise of pollution that is currently leading to environmental harm and human illness. It is currently a global problem with urban areas in both developed and developing countries the most impacted. Irrespective of the fact that urban areas are mostly polluted while compared to the countryside, the impact of pollution is evident in the overall environment. For example, global warming resulting from emission of high quantities of greenhouse gasses signifies the impact of pollution on the overall society. Although some countries contribute less in respect to emission of these dangerous gasses, they are impacted by global warming in depicted by climatic change. Therefore, there is a need to address the problem of pollution at the international level. Environmentalists have remained on the forefront in the drive towards ensuring solving the problem of pollution that seems worse than ever. Irrespective of the fact that the international community has realized the dangers of pollution to the current and future generation and agreed on the need to address the problem with even some measures put in place, there is a need for more action both from the individual and government
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