Police Brutality: A Question of Excessive Force

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Is it fair that police can use brute force to protect and serve the people of our country? Police are suppose to protect and serve the people of our country, however, in some cases police abuse their power and force become police brutality. Officers are faced with threatening challenges everyday which force them to make a decision. Police officers have a certain amount of power, but the kind of power that police have also comes with responsibility. For example, when to use excessive force, lethal force or deadly force . The use of excessive force and how some people believe that police officers use too much force also causes debate in today's society. Another controversy between society is are police officer trained properly? This question …show more content…

For example, the Rodney King incident portrays the use of excessive force. In the early nineteen hundreds law enforcement starting to rethink the use of force policy and training. A poll done in nineteen ninety-one concerning the way officers treated people and the use of excessive force with the public. Surveys ask people if they have ever been abused or mistreated by police, five percent of poll and nine percent of minorities had either been abused or mistreated. Another twenty percent said they know someone who had been physically abused by the police (Alpert and Smith, 2001). Studies shown that people are mistreated by police and the use of excessive force. The use of force and training is applied to protect the public and police. Also, deadly force plays a role in this as well. Over the past year society has heard of a few cases that deadly force played a role in. For example, Michael Brown was an unarmed African American male who was resisting arrest, but had no weapon to harm anyone. Deadly force was used on Brown because of his size. Yet, that does not justify the fact that an officer should be able to use deadly force on anyone because of their size or even because they are resisting arrest. Without a sign of endangerment, a police officer should not be able to use deadly force. Some people may disagree on the fact that officers should be able to use deadly force no matter what the circumstance is, but if there is not an physical harm being done then police should not be able to use deadly force. However, some people might wonder when is force reasonable? This determination comes down to the officer before using any force. Generally, the use of force is usually necessary when someone is resisting arrest, detain a suspect, or to protect others. In the Brown case there was no reason for deadly force to be used than resisting arrest and that is not does not mean that Brown should

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