Preventing Police Brutality in Canada

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Early in the 17th century was when the first modern day policing was expected to have begun. Ever since the 18th century begun, incidences of police using excess force by abusing their power have been quite common. As time progressed, these wrongful actions by police have been entitled as police brutality. Police brutality is defined as" the use of excessive force used by police dealing with public... excessive force can be either physical, verbal, and/or psychological". According to this definition, whether it be arresting someone with too much force or even uttering certain statements, can all be classified as police brutality. No individual should be victimized by police officers who use excess force that in no way deters crimes. It does nothing but bring a dire unjust society in which innocent people can feel afraid; and give those officers who are correctly doing their duties a bad reputation. Due to the dispensable, unscrupulous nature of police brutality; several measures including disciplining police officers, stricter laws(and stringent penalties), integration, as well as educating the general public about their rights, must be applied in order to extirpate the misconduct citizens should not have to face.

Firstly, even after government advancement, the integration of a democratic society, and a greatly improved justice system, individuals still feel threatened by police officers. When police training was created, and guidelines/ penalties were and laid out, they were expected to have a large impact on minimizing incidences of excessive police force. Yet, this is not the case. It is often said that prevention is better than cure, this statement can be applied to police brutality by preventing it befor...

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...ions where excessive force would be used, because they can be held legally responsible for this. Not only this, but if many different kinds of officers join the force, the community will have a better relationship with the officers that stand to protect it. Lastly, every day people must be educated about how crucial a simple knowledge of the law is, so these people can stand up for themselves in the face of police brutality. "We're not anti-police...we're anti-police brutality".- Al Sharpton. Anytime one hears of brutality, one immediately portrays actions or statements that are unacceptable by any means; something that deserves justice. So why does wearing a uniform give police the right to commit crimes? Ending the excessive use of force by police will permit citizens to live in harmony with law enforcement, allowing for safer, happier and stronger communities.
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