Police Brutality: Use of Excessive Force

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What is police brutality? Police brutality is an act of misconduct done by a member law enforcement through the use of an extreme amount of force to physically, mentally, or emotionally attack a member of society. Many law enforcement officers, those sworn to protect and serve, have abused their rights and authority to ferociously assault and manipulate citizens, even if they were innocent. Citizens who have been attacked have been left with physical and emotional scars that can never go away; in some cases, it has even caused death. In a report by David Packman, prepared for the Cato Institute in 2011, states that 247 deaths were linked to police misconduct cases.(Packman 2011) Many people believe that having evidence in a criminal case would be a guarantee that the one being convicted would be found guilty. That is not always the case. In Minneapolis, Minnesota, 19 year old Fong Lee was shot at by Minnesota State Trooper Jason Andersen after chasing Lee around the outside of Cityview Performing Arts Magnet School; nine shots were fired at Lee, eight of which hit (Twincities). Usually only one or two shots are needed to subdue a suspect, so why did Andersen shoot 9? Anderson believed Lee had a gun in his right hand, but when other officers had arrived, according to police reports, the gun that Lee presumably had was laying 3 feet from his left hand while his right hand was outstretched in the opposite direction (Twincities). Many people are skeptical and believe Andersen planted the gun on Lee due to the fact that the gun was near his left hand rather than his right, which is where Andersen said Lee had the gun. Part of the chase was recorded on the schools surveillance cameras; upon reviewing the tapes, Richard Diercks, a vid... ... middle of paper ... ...rue to them themselves. Its cops like Deputy Matthew Paul and Trooper Jason Andersen that cause problems; even if they have probable cause, less lethal force should be taken. Law enforcement officers that abuse their status should be treated just as any other citizen would, not a special case. Works Cited Green, Sara Jean. “1 Year After Officer Tackled Him, Man is Bedridden, Wife is Caretaker.” Seattle Times. 16 May 2010. Web. 19 May 2015. Hanners, David. “The Final Moments of Fong Lee.” Twin Cities. 1 April 2009. Web. Web. 19 May 2015. Packman, David. “2010 NPMSRP Police Misconduct Statistical Report -Draft-.” Cato Institute. 5 April 2011. Web. 19 May 2015. http://www.policemisconduct.net/2010-npmsrp-police-misconduct-statistical-report/ “The Origin of the LAPD Motto.” Los Angeles Police Department. Web. 19 May 2015. 10 February 2014. Web.

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