Physician Assisted Suicide For The Terminally Ill

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Physician Assisted Suicide for the Terminally Ill Physician assisted suicide, or the so-called right-to-die, is a highly controversial issue that has appeared before many state and federal legislators but, has failed to pass in many states due to the huge opposition from groups such as the Catholic Church and disabled-rights organizations. However, physician assisted suicide is when a life ending medication is prescribed by a doctor for the patient, most commonly with a terminal illness, to take on their own. This medication merely accelerates the rate at which the person dies; therefore, it can not be considered suicide because they are only accelerating the rate at which the patient dies (Drum 29-31). In order for a patient to qualify for the life ending medication, the patient has to meet the following requirements: the patient has not had a mental disorder identified, the patient’s two doctors must conclude that their life expectancy is under six months, the patient must meet alone with their doctor, the patient must ask for the life ending medication twice verbally, fifteen days apart, the patient must finally provide a scribed request to their doctor (30). Physician assisted suicide is a very tedious and selective process that is not taken lightly. States should legalize physician assisted suicide for terminally ill patients because it provides the family of the patient time to say goodbye, it allows the patient to avoid losing control of their body, it eliminates the unknown of terminal care, and the legislation on physician assisted suicide has been successful in the four states that have legalized the right to die. Physician assisted suicide allows the family of the terminally ill patient time to say goodbye. In s... ... middle of paper ... ...ed for life ending medication had cancer. Another one-sixth of patients had degenerative diseases (Drum 28). This means that the medication is being used for the right patients. It is undeniable how effective that states have been in ensuring the right-to-die law. Answer this, why do state congressional leaders continue to hesitate when legislation on physician assisted suicide is put before them? It is because they are afraid of the word suicide. When legislation on physician assisted suicide is proposed, all the opposition flood the media with the word suicide. However, the word suicide is only applicable in the name, physician assisted suicide. States legislators should not be afraid because the right-to-die gives the family a good final memory, it gives the patient a dignified death, it annihilates the unknown of hospice, and it has proven to be successful.
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