Euthanasia and Terminally Ill Patients

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I am writing my paper to a group of middle class college students. Majority of who are African American, and a teacher of Asian descent. My class is made up of about twenty student’s ages ranging from 18-33. The majority are females, and only 4 males. Most of the students in my class are from inner city Baltimore, and a couple are out of state. Also, majority of my class are working-class, not many are just students. In addition, we also have students that are also parents.
Everyone should have a choice as to how and when they would like to end their lives. Terminally ill patients should not have to suffer for the rest of their lives, especially when the doctor deems that there is no hope left for them getting any better. Euthanasia should be offered to terminally ill patients. Euthanasia is killing someone who has no hope in living in a painless way. Terminal is death that will occur eventually. Terminal can also be having a illness that cannot be cured, that leads to death.
There is a medical pathologist who agrees. Dr. Kevorkian is a medical pathologist who helped dozens of people die becoming a celebrity, known as Dr. Death who helped over 130 people end their lives (Schneider par1).“ People from around the country traveled to the Detroit to get help from Dr. Death. Dr. Kevorkian developed a system to help achieve two goals ensuring the patient’s comfort and protecting himself against criminal conviction. He required patients who desired to die to express that clearly, and then he would bring in mental professionals to test the sanity of the person. After that the patient was giving a month to thinking over their decision just in case they wanted to change their minds. Dr Kevorkian also took videos interviews of t...

... middle of paper ... to participate in Euthanasia (ProCon).
This information will be very helpful to me because it tells me where euthanasia is legalized and what methods have to be taken by the patient and their family. It shows all the different request the patient has to go through before being granted the right to end their life. This ensures that the doctors are not just killing people, they are in fact granting their patients wish.

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