Phishing, Cyber Stalking, Computer Intrusion, And Identity Baft

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The Internet is a vast web of interconnecting threads. It’s a great tool to search, pay bills, and educate yourself on current events. However, the Internet is a means for criminals to spy on and steal your personal information. Since the boom of the Internet, more and more criminals are getting a way with millions of dollars due to fraud. With criminals adapting to the new technologies preventing fraud, the chances of having your private information stolen is quite high. In this paper, we will be taking a critical look at Phishing, Cyber Stalking, Computer Intrusion, and Identity theft. This paper will also give an explanation of each type of fraud, some examples of how to avoid fraud, and some real world examples of what criminals have done.
In the computer world, fraud and crime is a widespread issue that is facing all computer users. People being affected by this range from the average computer user to the big corporate companies that employs thousands of people. If these computers have no means of security, this amplifies their vulnerability to an attack from Phishing, Cyber Stalking, Computer Intrusion, and Identity theft. If the right steps are not taken, the threat to private information becoming public could reach an all time high. According to the Cornell University law school website, “Federal law defines computer fraud as the use of a computer to create a dishonest misrepresentation of fact as an attempt to induce another to do or refrain from doing something which causes loss.” (CORNELL) There are two types of computer crime, computer-related crimes and Internet crime. Internet crime involves the use of viruses, phishing, password theft, website vandalism, etc. Computer related crimes involve the use of hacking, una...

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... hate dealing with these types of issues. It is very important, though, to stay persistent in the effort to restore a good credit rating. The steps mentioned above should also be considered for all types of Internet fraud.
In conclusion, Internet fraud is a very broad topic that involves many avenues for criminals to sprout. Phishing, Cyber Stalking, Computer Intrusion, and Identity theft have one major trait in common; the person is trying to obtain personal and private information. It is up to us to educate ourselves on the ways people try to obtain this private information and to stop it. We must not only look for signs of fraud happening to us on a personal level, but we must reach out to friends and family in order to get this education more public. With education and a will to protect our private information, we can make internet fraud a thing of the past.
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