Philosophy of Health

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Philosophy of Health

What makes a healthy person? Surely it is more than just exercising and eating right. When we say healthy aren't we referring to more than just being physically fit and not having any diseases or ailments. But what else is there that makes a person truly healthy? I think that while this physical description of healthy is a good start, there is far more to the story than this. For one to be considered truly healthy I believe that every aspect of their life must be looked at and addressed with the intention of making that person the best person that they can be.

First and foremost is one's spiritual health, which is the foundation on which the other aspects of that person's life are built. In order that one have good spiritual health I believe that it is imperative that they find some group of like-minded people with which they can fellowship, with intent of improving their spiritual well-being. Whether this group is a church, support group, or just a close knit family depends on that person and their needs.

Next in rank is emotional health which is very closely related to spiritual health in that people's emotions draw heavily from those around them. This makes it especially important that whatever type of group one seeks out for spiritual guidance is very carefully chosen. It is quite plain to see that a person's emotional state can be drastically altered by changing the type of people that person spends their time with. For instance, a normally even-tempered person can become very irritable when they socialize with others who are shot-tempered, and someone who is normally quite can turn into a very pleasant person if they interact with those who are more cheerful and enthusiastic. Almost Identical to...

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...erson which I so desire to be. I must first have compassion on those around me in order to be willing to aid them in their quest to improve their quality of life. Next I must learn to tolerate the mistakes that others will make, realizing that I have made mistakes as well and that a mistake is the best opportunity to learn and grow. Most importantly I must love those whom I seek to assist, because if I do not love them then I can never hope to be able to learn from them, which is the only way I can ever become a truly healthy person.

If I can begin to apply each of these principles to my life, only then will I be on my way to becoming the best person which I can possibly hope to be. Truly health is far more than just eating right, exercising and practicing good habits. True health applies to every single aspect of my life: physical, mental, social and spiritual.
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