Peyton Manning-Gatorade Commercial

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Gatorade has been sponsoring the NFL for many years, starting in 1968. Its involvement with the sport has made the drink known to many today “The official drink of the NFL” (Gatorade). According to Naomi Klein “…the wave of mergers in the corporate world over the last few years is a deceptive phenomenon: it only looks as if the giants, by joining forces, are getting bigger and bigger”(4). And that is exactly what the corporation of Gatorade was trying to carry out. By joining its name with the NFL, which at that time was becoming a famous sport to watch, Gatorade has become the number one sport drink for athletes. In the “Peyton Manning-Gatorade Commercial”, the corporation of Gatorade is not only selling their product, but is also portraying to the audience its engagement with the NFL and its players. Advertisement is a notable part of our society, it's not only in the uppermost urban neighborhoods but it’s everywhere we turn and look. It is what defines our generation as civilization and no matter what we do we cannot hide from it. In Naomi Klein No Logo she explains “Ads had to inform consumers about the existence of some new invention, then convince them that their lives would be better if they used, for example, cars instead of wagons, telephones instead of mail and electric light instead of oil lamps”(5). And that’s what Gatorade has accomplished by releasing commercials associating with some type of sport. It almost seems like that the corporation of Gatorade is controlling and deciding what we should drink and when we should drink it. If one sees a Gatorade commercial, it’s mostly dealing with a sport or an activity. It portrays to the audience that the men with fancy suits and big bonus checks are correct for their sim... ... middle of paper ... ...e commercial wants the audience to envy the lifestyle of Manning and make them wish they could be like him. Because this commercials target demographics are young high school students and early college students, it has a major impact on them and the commercial is very effective. Advertisement is defined as a public notice, a paid announcement which is meant to attract an audience who interprets themselves with the ad. The human mind is so attractive to new things that it makes it harder for these big companies to come up with new idea to catch our attention. It’s a huge cycle that leads us to an uncontrolled opinion and gives the power to decide for us to the advertisement companies. “Peyton Manning-Gatorade Commercial” is a great way to bait young viewers’ attention into not only buying the product of Gatorade but also making them more notable to watch football.
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