Marketing Strategy Of Gatorade

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Companies utilize different marketing strategies to appeal to their target audience. The methods they use to market their products usually reflects the target audience’s preferences or needs. Gatorade was invented at the University of Florida in 1965 by a team of researchers. They discovered nutrients were not being replenished when the school’s football team competed and formulated a solution to the problem. Today Gatorade primarily targets athletic or physically active individuals, especially professional athletes. Over time, Gatorade has become one of the most popular and leading sports drink companies in the world. Many people recognize what Gatorade is and what they do to help individuals who need the extra replenishment so they can continue…show more content…
One way of doing this is by using slogans to show what they have to offer. Gatorade uses catchy slogans to reach their target audience, and to show what their product can be used for. Gatorade uses slogans to identify the company’s mission and theme and reveal them to the consumer. One of Gatorade’s most recent slogans is “Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee, ½ the calories, all the G.” Many people already recognize the first part of the slogan because it is associated with famous professional boxer, Muhammad Ali. But Gatorade is using this catch phrase as a means to describe how athletes want to compete on the field. Athletes want to perform their best and they need products to get them to their best. By Gatorade using the catch phrase in the first part of their slogan, they are basically saying that if the consumer drinks their sports drink, they will “float like a butterfly” and “sting like a bee.” “Float like a butterfly” can have a lot of meanings. To the consumer, mostly active individuals, this can mean that as they compete, they will seamlessly float as if they belong on the field like a butterfly’s flight belongs in the wind. Just like the “float like a butterfly” part, the “sting like a bee” part can also appeal to the target audience. Because athletes want to do their best when they compete, Gatorade recognized that this part of Muhammad Ali’s catch phrase would best express that by using their products, athletes would achieve their goal. “Sting like a bee” can also have many interpretations. The target audience may interpret this as, since they are drinking a product from Gatorade, they will effectively perform their best when they compete. A bee’s sting is really strong, so in turn, when they compete, they want their performance to be as effective as a bee’s sting strength. “The half the calories, all the G” part
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