Persuasive Essay: Why Homework Is Good For Children

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Sometimes as teenagers and immature we forgot that old people have lived and been through what we are going through as a teen. Therefore we never take their advice. I agree with all teachers and they should not reduce the amount of homework they assign that is good for our future like you always say Mr. Camacho, as old and wisely people our teachers will never do something that will not affect us nor our future that is what makes me be disagree with some students and I think that is good for us to have homework that will help us on our success. Teachers become teachers for a good reason because they studded really hard to be where they are. I believe that one hour is not enough for a teacher to teach and for a student to learn. Teachers already know what it is to have a lot of homework; they may just want to prepare us for things that are coming such as college and jobs. Assigning homework is a good way to keep…show more content…
If success is the goal then stay focus on school all day should be the path. By doing homework students will stay concentrated mostly on school, even when we are not in the building. Students will spend more time trying to understand school 's problems than getting in problems after school. Students should do the homework they are assigned which will make them success than getting in trouble which won’t take the anywhere. Assigning homework like teacher normally do is good for us to notice that nothing is easy and it will also make us think about our future and what are we going to do and how are we going to do it. Homework is the best activity a student can do after school, that make our brains continue working even though a teacher is not present, this is what a successful person does. If you as a teacher Mr. Camacho really want to see us success then assigning homework is the best way then do not reduce the amount of homework and we will stay focus on
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