Persuasive Essay On The Purpose Of School

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Since we were in kindergarten, we were taught to follow rules, form single file lines, and always told what to do. This “order” continues for the rest of your life if you decide to follow the education system. Why was school created? Everything school teaches has shaped our world for decades. School has influenced students to be on time and let them believe that a letter grade determines whether they are smart or stupid. Also, it teaches students how to memorize and not actually learn material. What is the purpose of school? Is it to make us smarter? Many students ask themselves this question right before a big test that will determine whether he/she receives a title in a specific subject. School is said to be place of greatness. However, it slowly teacher students how to be prepared to work in factory and office jobs. The next tardy goes from punishment to termination, the teacher turns…show more content…
They feel stupid, dumb, and like failures. Teachers give them zeros and expect them to try harder next time to change their score but what they do not realize is that some children have already earned enough zeros that they are permanent (1) Since some children already feel like they have failed in life, why give them a zero and make them feel worse. They say that those who fail are failures, but they’re the ones who need more help. Teachers often do not put enough effort into helping the kids who need help. Some spend most of their time praising the ones who have high percentages. Students learn a lot in school throughout their lifetime. However, some kids learn very differently. Teachers in today’s era do not teach well. Their form of teaching is assigning students a worksheet for them to follow along and answer while reading a passage. Is this learning? Or Learning how to scavenger hunt answers in a passage? In an interview with Mike Shaw, a College Professor at Blue Mountain Community College, he

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