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Taking a walk at the beach with the sun rising, and the warm climate has to be one of the best settings for vacation. Unfortally, that’s not my vacation. My vacation usually consist of going to Mexico by car during the processes of three days and then having to share two bathrooms with your parents, three brothers, and like seven other people that are forced to stay at your father’s vacation home because they don’t have anywhere to go. Overall, it’s not that bad since my dad’s house is pretty big and every family gets their own room, but it’s a different story when they all refuse to cooperate. It can be a big of a problem, specially when they all want to use the bathroom with the only working shower and refuse to use the other one because…show more content…
We all have our own part to do in order to maintain peace. We all have to adapt to the new way of living while everyone is there. Everyone has an important task they need to fulfill, if one person does not follow the rules it could lead to dysfunction; where to job isn’t being done because one person missed up and the other person can’t do their job do to the lack of laziness/resources/etc. In the house where we all go to live in, we all have jobs to fulfill. My uncle buys groceries, my mom cooks, I set up the table, my brother gets the freshly made tortillas from la plaza, and my aunt washes the dishes afterwards. Now, lets say my uncle didn’t buy the groceries this week, now my mom cant cook for everyone, I wouldn’t have to set the table because there is noting to eat, my brother wouldn’t get the tortillas since there is no point in getting them, and my aunt wouldn’t have to wash the dishes because there is no dishes. Now, for some people it may be a whole lot of chores that don’t have to be done and its great and all, but now everyone is going to be starving. Starving leads to anger, and anger always leads to destruction in same way or another. You see, we all need each other do to a creating job, or else everything will go down hill from…show more content…
We always put on a show for everyone to see, but there are two sides of you, the front stage and the back stage. The front stage it how you act with a group of people and that’s how they will perceive you, so you try to put on the best “you” that you can possibly be so that you seem perfect. These are the impressions you give to people. Front stage would be when we are all with family in the vacation home and we actually do everything we are supposed to do, such as getting dressed by 6:00 in the morning, pretending like we actually wake up like that on a regular basis. We have to be generous with each other when we are with our other family and offer them what ever we can and sacrifice our comfort so they can thing more fondly of us. Now we have our backstage. Backstage it how we act when we are alone or with a small group of people we are really close with such as parents, siblings, and best friends. We don’t really care what they think of us, so we usually act more comfortable around them. This results to waking up late, keeping your own belongs and not having to give it so some else for their comfort, and maybe even hogging things like a normal human being usually

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