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Imagine being involved in so much pain and misery, pharmaceutical tests, vaccine tests, Military experiments and training and brain experiments. 125,000 primates are imprisoned in US laboratories every year. In order to take the Primates at a young age from their natural habits, trappers will shoot the mothers from the tree, shock the animals with dart guns and capture the babies who are still clinging onto their dying mother. Do animals not deserve to be cared for the same way people care for other people? In laboratories, primates go through series of experiments that lead up to their death. 90 percent of primates in laboratories develop psychological issues. After being taken from family, Primates are locked in a small steel cage and left to be alone. At most the primates are given cheap plastic toys, scratched mirrors and occasional fresh fruit such as an apple or banana. Primates will eventually begin to…show more content…
Animal rights activists just want an end to all the research that goes on regardless of the consequences and believe that all use of animals by humans in anyway should be prohibited. The National Institute of health announced its plans to reduce the use of chimps in biomedical research and will also ‘retire’ most of the primates it currently uses. The retiring chimps will join the more than 150 other chimpanzees in the federal sanctuary system. Extremest are a group of people who encourage criminal activities, harassment and violence towards the animals. Extremest are trying different tactics and their most recent consists of targeting organisations that involve animal research by attacking the faculty that work for the companies that supply them with information dated from the mid-90’s. Some extremist perform illegal behaviour such as trespassing and criminal vandalism to the more serious
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