Persuasive Essay: Taking Care Of A Child And Pets

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It is one of the most beautiful thing when your dogs and kids get perfectly along perfectly and respect each other. You cannot describe the feeling when there is a development of emotional connection, trust and fondness between each other. You are the parent of your pet legally or emotionally, so it is your responsibility to take care of your pets. If you have kids at your house then your responsibility increases as there are more chances of kids hurting your pet. They think of pets as one of their toy so it is very important to teach them how to behave or react around your loving pets and even pets should be taught to behave around kids as they both can hurt each other. Disasters can take place if proper education and teaching are taken not seriously from the very begininng. HOW TO TEACH YOUR KIDS TO BEHAVE AROUND PETS? STEP 1 :- Well, one of the most common advices you have always heard if you have kids and pets so i am telling you again that NEVER LEAVE YOUR CHILD AND PET ALONE. Kids doesnt understand the value of life of pets or animals, they just think of them as one of their another stuffed playmate and can behave with them…show more content…
Even most of the canine friends think that the kids are the best playmates for them. If your dog is gentle then it is ok but some dogs can jump up or mouth on every kid they see, especially those dogs who are deprived of guidance, rules or obedience training. Such boisterous behavior can be agonizing and even hazardous for kids. It is quite important to make your canine companion understand that he is not allowed to put his mouth or feet on the kid. You will have to be more careful if you have a big, strong or enthusiastic dog. You can start training your dog when he is still a puppy as you can teach him anything at this age, however, dogs of all ages can still learn how to behave well around children if you give extra

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