Persuasive Essay On Buying A Dog

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They say that a dog is a man’s best fried, but they don’t tell you about the overall cost, responsibility, or convenience about adopting one. Dogs are supposed to bring so much joy to a household, but sometimes they can only fill a void for a short amount of time. When a dog owner buys a dog, do they actually research the things that they are about to get in to? When I bought my dog, Skye, I never really looked into is issues; I just looked at the benefits. I love Skye to death, and I guess I could say that she also loves me to death. Even though someone rescuing a dog may think they are doing something great; they are causing an issue on how they will forever live their life.
For example, dogs are expensive. When I rescued my dog, Skye, from
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According to the American Kennel Club, being responsible for any pet is committing to them as much as you would if they were human (AKC). Through the months Skye has had a total of twenty-four weeks in obedience and training classes and became part of the American Kennel Club. During her classes they taught me as her owner that her mayhem is not her fault, and I have to teach her how to act correctly. On top of all my responsibilities for a hyper aggressive dog, I have to make sure that while I am at work, someone is capable of also taking care of her needs. I found a lodging and training daycare that works with Skye on days I drop her off, and my dad is a huge help. Not many people are able to handle my dog, so it is important that I found people that also can help her. Responsibilities for dogs come in all different forms, but these are just a couple ways that I have to specifically take care of my…show more content…
Dogs make great companions, can be an assistance dogs and help people with disabilities, and even protect a household. Hearing dogs can be the ears for a person that is hard of hearing, seeing dogs can be the eyes for someone who is legally blind, and service dogs can be an alert system for someone with epilepsy. Although, these dogs are put through a lot of special training for a specific need. More often than not, an assistance dog is adopted but also donated to someone who is handicap. Since a landlord is unable to refuse a house or apartment to someone with an assistance dog, and they are allowed everywhere it is less likely for them to become an inconvenience.
In conclusion, adopting a dog can be more difficult than anyone plans. They require a lot of attention and affection. They can cause an issue when trying to rent an apartment or home, and can cost more than expected. All dogs have great perks to them, but for some people the responsibility can be too
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