Persuasive Essay On Getting A Dog

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If one wants to live a more responsible, more active, and a healthier life style they should get a dog. Obtaining the previously mentioned qualities are great but gaining a best friend is even better. Dogs are intelligent animals and their personalities are one of a kind. With training, love, and patience any dog can become a great addition to one’s family. Adoption from an animal shelter is a great way to get a dog although there are adoption fees most of the money is being used to vaccinate the dog before its taken to its forever home. Buying a dog from a reputable breeder is another option as how one gets a dog. Reputable breeders usually guarantee a puppy’s health. One might have to go through a few more hoops to be able to buy a dog from…show more content…
As one gets older being responsible comes in handy when applying to jobs, when attending school, and when having kids. Owing a dog teaches you to be responsible. For kids its one of their first jobs they get. They are told to pick up poop, take the dog out for walks, feed the dog and play with the dog. They are taking care of another life and if they do not do those tasks then the dog does not live a happy life. It gives kids a longtime commitment and it teaches them how to be consistent. They no longer just think of themselves they start thinking of the dog’s needs and what’s best for their dog. For adults who are thinking of having kids in the future whether it’s being married or single a dog is a good wake up call as to how hard it is taking care of another life yet so rewarding. Taking care of oneself is one thing but being responsible for another life is a life changing experience. Dogs are not cheep they are expensive. Dogs need a lot of things for…show more content…
When the dog is walking the owner is walking as well. Every time the dog is being played with the owner is getting some kind of exercise done. Exercising daily is really important especially now a day when the obesity rate is so high in this country. Even when one doesn’t want to take the dog out dogs can be pretty persistent and will have the owner playing with them in no time. Living an active lifestyle also means that one will be healthier as
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