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Prostitution in simple terms, is an exchange of sex for money and it is commonly associated with females despite the fact that people of all genders work as prostitutes. Although prostitution existed since the ancient times it is still considered dishonorable. Different countries have attempted to tackle this issue in different ways. Countries like Spain, France, Italy and Great Britain have legalised prostitution itself but soliciting sex and operating brothels illegal. In the Netherlands and Germany prostitution is fully legal and regulated but in countries like Iran, prostitutes are given a death sentence. In the US, prostitution is illegal except in 11 counties of Nevada. There are various views regarding this matter. Some say that prostitution promotes crime, exposes prostitutes to violence and increases the spread of sexually…show more content…
As all the deeds are done in hiding, it is not easy to monitor health standards or even enforce a certain set of health laws. This makes women vulnerable to the spread of STDs due to forced risky sex by clients, not only that but the children of these women are affected too. Unwanted pregnancies will keep occurring making it worse for these women as some may not be able to afford proper care for themselves or their newborn babies. Legalisation will let health issues be monitored and will be able to establish safety guidelines, unions and networks. It will be easier to establish regular health checks, registration of health standards, abortion clinics, etc for these women specifically. There are mandatory condom laws in the 11 counties of Nevada and since 1986, no full-time commercial sex worker has been tested positive for HIV. Hence, legalization can lead to establishing health standards which is hard to do while having it illegal. Giang, Vivian. "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Prostitution In Nevada." Business Insider. Business Insider, Inc, 14 Dec. 2011. Web. 24 May

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