Persuasive Essay On The Need Of Education

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“ I get paid rather I teach or don’t. I have my degree”. Throughout my education years I heard many teachers say this. Education is not the same anymore, therefore children’s need an education that will help stimulate their mind and fulfill their potential. The education system needs to provide a curriculum of practical and vocational learning alongside theoretical studies. The system is in need of serious changes and it is not the fault of any individuals, or schools. The world is changing and education is not changing fast enough. The education system does not enable all children to thrive in their own way. The system has to recognize that young people are individuals with different ways of learning and mindset. Additionally, the system needs to move towards a course that will inspire the young…show more content…
Once again the education system is not helping the children prosper. Violence and higher drop out rates happen when the system is not able to teach the children’s. The world would be nice if everyone who gangbang went back to school and individuals that are in prison change their lifestyle because in the video Waiting For Superman it stated that “the prison spends $33,000 a year to take care inmates which is equal is 107,900 people that they could send to private school”. The Do Something website also stated that “ Every year, 1.2 million students drop out of school because school is not for them or its too challenging”. According to the Waiting for Superman video kids entering high school still reading on a middle grade level. The factors of students dropping out is work or family responsibility, low parental education and absenteeism. Young people who drop out of high school are unlikely to have credentials for the increasingly complex society. Therefore, many stem field careers are
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