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What if You Stopped Using Social Media? Take a minute and think about how much we use Social Media. How scary is it to think that we depend on it so much, that we can not live without it? It frightens me that today 's teens depend on this for everything from the latest news to what their favorite celebrities are up to. We can access this information at any given moment with just a few touches or clicks. Society today depends on this for their comfort, money, news, happiness, and contacting friends, which has formed into a major problem. Social Media can have benefits as well, but based on how it is used today, it is more of an issue than a benefit. Teenagers are not the only ones who use Social Media, but women and Men also use it for the same things. Mostly they use it for staying in contact with their friends or relatives. According to the Pew Research Center, ninety percent of teens, sixty-eight percent of women, and sixty-two percent of men use Social Media daily. Today people can…show more content…
It can have both negative and positive affects on society, but either way, it makes up today 's society. A positive example is that someone gets encouraged to stand up to bullies, and a negative affect is when someone gets hate comments on a video or post. Teenagers are the main users of Social Media, therefore making them the main targets of people who negatively affect our society. A teen 's brain can be easily manipulated, therefore their mind-set can be changed easily. Adults that use Social Media mostly just contact their friends, but some have other intentions. Our society today is based on what Social Media dose and says. It frightens me to think that my kids and their kids are going to be raised in a world where Social Media reigns and establishes our morals. When will we learn that society should never define who we are, and we should create our own morals for

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