Persuasive Essay On Smoking And Health Care

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With smoking having obvious proven consequences, what does everyone think about smoking and health care???
Smoking and Health and Health care have been a controversial topic for many years. Smoking is one of the major obstacles in health care insurance, health care management and health care in itself.

Should smokers pay a higher premium on their health insurance policies?
Health insurance premiums have been on the rise for years. I was self-employed for over 20 years and the price I paid for health care was astronomical. My cousin has her Master’s Degree in Actuarial Studies and review statistics for state health insurance pools and for major health insurance companies. This topic has come up many times in conversation with her, and she has informed me that Americans would be extremely frustrated to know that their insurance premium increases are a direct reflection from smokers and health complications associated herewith. Furthermore, many company’s health insurance premiums are approximately 25% higher due to smokers within the company. Currently, even though applications ask the “smoker” question, numerous individuals …show more content…

Cash aid make it easier for cigarettes to be purchased, because it is not part of a food stamp card. Now we can also look at the other side of the coin and look at those people who do receive cash assistance or food stamps and could easily trade a friend food for cigarettes using their food stamps. There is no real way in regulating financial aid, food stamps and the purchasing of cigarettes with smokers. In giving an opinion, these smokers on financial assistance are the last people who should be smoking in the first place. They are on assistance for a reason and should be considering their budgets and the implication of their health, the health of their children and they taking away from food for their own

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