Persuasive Essay On Reproductive Cloning

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“ Clone the sick individual, not for reproduction but for therapy.” This is a quote from the article, “ Fighting for the Right to Clone” written by Pamela Weintraub. The technology is here being able to save the lives of those who are in critical condition and with therapeutic cloning it can be done, by which a person 's cells is clone which is then grown to use their stem cells to heal themselves. There is also reproductive cloning which is being done to clone animals and studies are showing if scientists should move on to humans, However there are many people who are against this and think that it shouldn 't be done. This new technology will be easier to save individuals. Why it 's possible that children can be born without any genetic diseases…show more content…
Animal cloning helps reproduce the healthiest animals in the farm so there won 't be any antibiotics or growth hormones inserted into the animals to make them bigger and plumper. It is unhealthy for the people who eat any meat or dairy products because people will then be antibiotic resistant to medicine and will have a tough time getting better. Reproductive cloning will also help any animals who are near extinction by freezing the cells in the lab. Scientists are debating if reproductive cloning should be done on humans because, the public and scientists are afraid of what will happen to the human clones and what they will be used for. “ The possibility of human clones as a source of organ transplants is also upsetting to many. Some members of the U.S. Congress have presented bills to prevent human cloning for any purpose” (Kidd and Kidd 106). There has to be tons of testing and experiments on animals, the results have showed a little evidence of failures. Then maybe in the future humans clones might be possible to help get rid of any defective genes, however there is another way to get rid of defective genes without any of the

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