The United States Law Banning Genetic Cloning of Humans

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The United States Law Banning Genetic Cloning of Humans

Genetic cloning has become an issue in these past years, and many questions have arisen due to this scientific breakthrough. As with any new technology, ethical and moral ideals have clashed between those who support it and those who favor the opposing side. The dispute involves what to do with our ability to clone and manipulate DNA of human beings, plants, and animals, and whether it is ethical for us to pursue research and experiments with genetics or whether it is people just playing "God". Genetic cloning is a problem because it splits the country and for many of its questionable natures causing people not to trust it. Yes, it is a proven fact that people are scared of what they do not know about, and with genetic cloning, they have a very good reason to be both scared and relieved.

While genetic cloning may have many benefits, it also lends itself to the possibilities of many types of abuses and exploitations. The US law that was enacted by Bill Clinton provides a current policy that makes it illegal to research or carry out the procedure of genetic cloning in the area of human involvement. But then again, why would people take this policy seriously when they can travel by plane and be in Great Britain or Japan in a matter of hours to whom has no such policy? It is too easy for people who have the desire to pursue the cloning research to find ways in which they can continue their experiments as long as they have the money or desire. On the other hand what can occur with the positive side of genetics, which includes research to cure diseases, rejuvenate organs, cells, research the possibility to bring back extinct plants or animals, etc.


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Many people think the US should reconsider the ban placed by President Clinton, and have it modified to fit the needs of the American public. This includes the research and development of human tissues for the use of replacing organs, specialized cells, and nervous systems. Along with this, there is an implied consensus that the government should tightly regulate these experiments. Most of the people who support this position have some type of involvement with a degenerative disease or ailment that stands to be solved with the promises of genetic cloning.

Genetic cloning may, to the public, be a relatively new technology but in reality scientists have been trying to accomplish this feat for hundreds of years. When used the right way and for the right reasons, genetic cloning for plants, animals, and humans can be used for the benefit of all.
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