Persuasive Essay On Human Cloning

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Human cloning research has once been the subject of terrifying science-fiction films and novels, science experiments gone wrong, accomplished only by the evil scientists twirling their moustaches. However, ideas presented on page and screen are rarely accurate. The possibility of cloning an exact copy of another human with one already fully developed is almost impossible, but through meticulous research, scientists have discovered the numerous benefits of cloning humans, either with individual cells or an embryo. By applying research from cloning normal cells to cloning stem cells, a wider range of people can be helped, and the cost of procedures will be lowered. Scientific research into cloning will allow doctors study how to safely replicate…show more content…
For many hereditary diseases, cells deteriorate at a rapid pace, or they are mutated when they divide. However, with the use of cloning, scientists can study the diseased cell which causes the others have errors. By cloning a specific mutated cell, scientists can research the development in a disease (Jaenisch 1). Instead of allowing the cell to divide on its own and change its structure each time, exact replicas can be produced, which allows researchers to perform experiments on one independent variable at a time. By researching the inner workings of mutated cells, scientists can discover more information about healthy “monoallelic expression of imprinted genes… [and] the genomes of the sperm and the oocyte.... in the genome of the zygote” operate (Jaenisch 2). The zygote is a pre-fetus, and the healthy formation of it is vital for the healthy development of the human. By researching cloning, scientists can understand the harmful mutations of a cell and develop a cure or vaccination against them. Scientists can then, after finding how to stop mutations, accomplish a way to stop human cells from deteriorating, and discover a way to lengthen the lifespan of a typical human

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