Persuasive Essay On Physical Health

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Make sure that you are not physically unhealthy. When you’re sick, your willpower and commitment to follow through with your plans is at an all time low. Take care of your body by exercising for at least thirty minutes each day, eating the right foods in the right amount and getting regular health checkups. This will build up your energy levels and get your willpower working at optimum condition.
Physical health will also help you to ward off stress. When you’re brain is occupied with the problems you have, it’s quite hard to convince it that the habit you are trying to modify or gain is that important right now. Find ways to deal with your relationship, financial, educational or other issues in constructive ways other than ruminating over them. If you have to choose between solving that issue or modifying your habit, choose solving the issue first.
Let me give you an example of what I mean: If you’re trying to gain the habit of saving ten percent of your money but you owe someone a debt equal to the amount you’re trying to save, pay your debt. Reason: the debt will keep on eating at you till finally saving this money will seem more like a burden than a good thing.
If you want to gain the habit of eating fruits everyday but are short on funds or it will strain your household budget – either look for cheaper fruits that fit into your budget or first look for ways to increase your household budget. Since sickness also stresses your body, if you’re sick and your medical provider advises a particular action like bed-rest or eating a particular food and it is contrary to the habit you are trying to change/gain, then get healthy first. Basically, deal with your stress first then your habit issues.
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...from luring you in again.
The thing about willpower is that if you can hang on long enough for the habit loop to kick in you won’t need to use it so much. The more the task becomes automatic, the less willpower you need to do it till it reaches the point where you don’t even need it and can now use it to modify or acquire a new habit.
After two months of struggling to wake up at six and go to the office, Alex will realize that now he doesn’t even need his alarm clock. His system just lights up the moment six o’clock strikes. By month four, he won’t even need to think about it. His morning routine (wake up at six, shower, take breakfast then go to the office) will be so ingrained that anything that interrupts it will irritate him. In fact if he leaves for a vacation, his prefrontal cortex will have a battle on its hands – trying to keep him from waking up at six.

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